Global Excellent Management Association(GXMA)

The Global Excellent Management Association (GXMA) stands as the foremost global association for professionals in manufacturing, logistics, automation, and related sectors, fostering collaboration and innovation. Through knowledge-sharing platforms, networking opportunities, and skill development initiatives, GXMA empowers its members with the latest industry insights and tools for success. The association plays a pivotal role in advocating for the manufacturing sector, promoting international collaboration, and encouraging research and innovation. By promoting sustainable technological advancements, the association aims to propel these sectors towards greater efficiency, resilience, and competitiveness in the ever-evolving global landscape.

General Info about Global Excellent Management Association (GXMA)

Empowering Thriving Professionals & Communities

GXMA, the Global Association of Manufacturing Managers, envisions itself as the forefront association shaping the future of global manufacturing management. Our mission is to foster the development and sustenance of vibrant communities worldwide. With a diverse membership exceeding 8,000 professionals across the globe, GXMA collaborates with its members to identify and accelerate the implementation of cutting-edge manufacturing practices.

At GXMA, we provide comprehensive resources and support to our members, including membership benefits, professional development programs, groundbreaking research, and high-quality training initiatives. Through these offerings, GXMA empowers thousands of companies, corporations, chief administrative officers, and their staff, as well as various organizations, to thrive in the dynamic landscape of global manufacturing.

Our commitment extends beyond mere industry advancements; we are dedicated to creating positive impacts on the lives of residents around the world. Join us in our mission to lead the way in global manufacturing management and contribute to the creation of thriving communities worldwide.

GXMA Leadership

The leadership of GXMA hails from various countries, and our partners are situated in North America, Asia, North East Asia, Europe, and Central Asia.

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GXMA Programs

GXMA offers professional and certified programs, including but not limited to: Global Excellent Educational Program (GXEP), Global Excellent Community Program (GXCP), Global Excellent Welfare Program (GXWP), SP & I, KPI, OKR, NPI, PPAP, D-FMEA, PFMEA, SCM, VSM, TPM, POKA-YOKE, etc.

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GXMA Certificates

GXMA provides empowering certificates for manufacturers, factories, and companies globally. These varied certificates enhance company credibility and, concurrently, optimize their sales potential to the next level.

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Where Our Members At


“I am truly grateful for GXMA as it has transformed our global business operations. The processes and skillsets it provided have enabled us to reach goals that were once beyond our imagination.”

——— Mikkel Johansson, MEng